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I Am British. What Will Happen To My Business In Gibraltar And My Home In Spain.

I Am British. What Will Happen To My Business In Gibraltar And My Home In Spain.

From January 1st 2021, Gibraltar British nationals will pay the non-EU rate for yearly non-resident taxes, currently 5% higher than the EU rate.  You can find below some explanations in regards to changes in non-resident tax rates in Spain for British nationals.

The Main Change: Losing EU exemptions

As leaving the EU, Gibraltar British nationals will no longer be eligible for certain exemptions that were linked to the EU status.

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24% instead of 19%

British nationals will be liable for a higher rate after Brexit: 24% instead of 19% on income earned.

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End to Exemptions

Below a list of benefits from exemptions that British nationals will be losing from January 1st 2021:

  • Interest and capital gains from personal property obtained by residents in another EU state.
  • Profits distributed by subsidiary companies domiciled in Spain to parent companies in another EU state.
  • Dividends and profit shares from pension funds in another EU state.
  • Fees paid to a company resident in another EU state.
  • Capital gains reinvested in a habitual residence within the EEA.

.Did you know? Brexit does not affect the bilateral double taxation agreement between the UK and Spain.

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